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TJR McCutchen Dice-ET (EX-90-3*)  Holstein Canada
Her Davinci and Commander sons are going to ABS Global!!

GTPI +2384 DGV+3142 (1/13)
PTA +1188M +0.33%F +0.26%P
PTA +6.0PL 2.68SCS +0.5DPR
PTA +3.38T +3.53UDC +2.25FL / DGV TYPE+16 UDC+18

Her dam could complete 10 Gen EX from the Roxys!

Dam: VG-2Y Super
2nd Dam: EX-91 DOM Baxter
3rd Dam: Ex-92-3Y Goldwyn
4th Dam: EX-90 DOM
5th Dam: Ex-90 DOM
6th Dam: EX-96-3E GMD DOM 5*
7th Dam: EX-94-2E GMD DOM
8th Dam: EX-90 GMD DOM
9th Dam: EX-97-4E GMD
10th Dam: EX-90 GMD 6*
Her dam:

Morningview Super Deann-ET (VG-2Y)  Holstein Canada
Deann has several sons already in AI units!
Her 2nd dam:

Morningview Baxter D-Rae (EX-92 EX-MS DOM)  Holstein Canada
2y 365: 30,700 4.3 1,328 3.2 969
Her 3rd dam:

Early-Autumn Golden Rae (EX-92 EEEEE)  Holstein Canada
4y 305: 36,720 4.7 1,735 3.1 1,125
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