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Among Canada`s best!

Brabantdale Baltikum Vérité (VG-2Y)  Holstein Canada
Daughter of the former #1 GLPI cow in Canada!!

Sired by Baltikum (Balisto x Snowman)

GLPI +3417 (04/19)

*A2A2 Beta Casein tested
Sons in AI!

Brabantdale Silver Veranda (VG-2Y, 87-MS)  Holstein Canada
Daughter of VERACIOUS, the former #1 GLPI Cow in Canada by Silver!!

GLPI-PA +3356 (04/19)

Former #1 GLPI Cow in Canada!!

Brabantdale Flame Veracious (VG-2Y-1*)  Holstein Canada
2-2, 305: 15,738 kg - 830 5.3% - 549 3.5% (402-565-436)

#1 GLPI Cow in CANADA!! (04/17)

*A2A2 tested, haplotype/recessive free.

Sons in AI! Full brothers in AI as well!!

Veracious has high ranking daughters by Supershot, Baltikum, Silver, Resolve and Delta.
#13 GLPI cow in Canada!! (12/16)

Farnear-TBR-BH Vis Vase-ET (VG-87-2Y-4*)  Holstein Canada
2-4, 305: 19,258 kg - 993 5.2% - 621 3.2% (448-625-457)

*A2A2 Beta Casein, haplotype/recessive free.

#13 GLPI cow in CANADA!! (12/16)

IPVG+3267 (04/17)
+1800 kg Milk
+104 kg Fat
+72 kg Prot
+13 Conf

Dam: VG-87-2y Shottle
2nd Dam: EX-91 Goldwyn
3rd Dam: EX-92-2E DOM Outside
4th Dam: EX-94-2E DOM Skychief Adeen
5th Dam: EX-94-2E DOM Starbuck

She will be flushing soon...

Sister to Vase

Farnear-TBR-BH Vicki-ET (EX-91)  Holstein Canada
Dam of Vase

Vision-Gen SH Sho A12037-ET (VG-87-2Y-7*)  Holstein Canada
2nd Dam of Vase

KY-Blue GW Dana-ET (EX-91)  Holstein Canada
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